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Permanent or

It’s a common misconception that all tensile structures are temporary. While it’s definitely true that some tensile structures are designed to be taken down after a certain amount of time, other tensilestructures are meant to be permanent.

Whether the structure is permanent or semi-permanent does not matter, it creates a visual eye-catcher and a unique impact.

You might not expect it, but a tensile structure surprisingly meets almost all requirements regarding sustainability, low costs, and environmental friendliness. So why not opt for a tensile structure from Black Sheep Productions?

5 well-founded arguments

1. Flexible design aesthetics

Tensile structures can hold many forms, although they are generally based on two basic building designs: the Saddle and the Cone. This creates dramatic structural architecture and offers a variety of free form designs. The beauty of a tensile fabric structure is the ability to design and create them around your specific requirements.

2. Cost benefits

Due to their lightweight design and offsite construction, the installation of tensile structures is faster and more cost-effective in comparison to traditional construction projects where you must lay down the foundation and build out new walls.

3. Low maintenance

Tensile fabric structures offer an invaluable advantage over a classic mortar structure. Whether it’s the use of PVC coated polyester fabric with a 25-year lifespan, these tensile structure fabrics have demonstrated low maintenance use for clients.

4. Durability

Compared to traditional building materials, tension structures are made from fewer raw materials and are more lightweight. This doesn’t just save time, energy, and money: it also cuts down on things like concrete foundations. Our screw foundations are part of remountable construction, No ‘scars’ and polluting building elements remain in the ground.

5. Permissions

Any building that’s going to be in place for more than several days or weeks will need planning permission, even if you own the land. Bear in mind that your local authority may have certain conditions you’ll need to meet in order to secure planning permission. We can provide drawings and further information to support your planning application if necessary.

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