• More than just a tent

  • More than just a tent

  • More than just a tent

What we do

As a designer and manufacturer, Black Sheep Productions has developed a wide range of tensile structures over the past 25 years. On one hand, these were specific one-offs on request, on the other hand, these were multi-functional modular tensile structures for universal use of all kinds.

Asymmetric formfinded roofs in high-tech PVC

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The traditional craftmanship of the past as a source of inspiration for the future

Asymmetric formfinded roofs in high-tech PVC, combined with artisan stitched canvas and tough rough wooden trunks that act as masts… The rigging is done with wooden blocks and hemp ropes that you can also find in the old sailing dinghies and boats…

About us

Over the years we’ve build a successful creative design team

Since its establishment in 1999, Black Sheep Productions gained experience developing a range of tensile structures that perfectly match with the new trend of barfoot luxury. As always, Black Sheep Productions try to stand apart from regular tents.

Tensile structures that perfectly match with the new trend of barfoot luxury

How we work

Black Sheep Productions designs, manufactures and supplies cost-effective, environmentally sustainable and unique tensile structures. We also take care of delivery and on-site installation. Our catalogue offers 4 series all with a wide range of tensile structures from which you can choose. Don’t find what you like? No problem, we can develop from scratch.

The unique designs of Black Sheep Productions are produced by a selected suppliers network to ensure quality and durability in collaboration with an in-house team that has gained expertise in terms of producing, assembling and building tensile structures over the years and all over the world.

Exploration and quotation

First we define the scope. Do we fully understand the customer needs? After an extensive intake meeting or call we visualize dreams and demands. By this phase we make sure everybody’s on the same page. We make a detailed quotation based on the available information. (costing, quote, pro-forma, pay deposit)

Design and production

Here the journey begins. All the people involved know the scope of the project and feel confident in the process.That means: preparing the technical drawings of all the aspects of the tensile structure. We source all different componets from our selected suplliers to ensure quality and durability. In the end, the final assembly of all parts takes place “in house”. Quality checks are documented.

Creation and delivery

After we have gather all the components and materials the entire trade can be transported to its destination . Later on, we send our experts to the location and finally get started with the assembly. In consultation, the client provides a local team that help to built the structure under the leadership of Black Sheep Productions. And that’s where the tensile structure really comes to life. In it’s natural habitat.

One stop solution of pre-designed tensile structures

Why a tent?

5 well-founded arguments

It’s a common misconception that all tensile structures are temporary. While it’s definitely true that some tensile structures are designed to be taken down after a certain amount of time, other tensilestructures are meant to be permanent.

Whether the structure is permanent or semi-permanent does not matter, it creates a visual eye-catcher and a unique impact.

Inspiring insights

By using a tensile structure instead of a building, you are doing nature and its surroundings a great favour. The ecological footprint of a tent is very limited. Using a tent is an essential advantage in terms of obtaining the necessary permits from the authorities. The requirements and regulations to reduce environmental impact are becoming increasingly stricter in the following years.

Another advantage of a tensile structure is that you can easily change the function, move the structure if necessary with zero footprint. Moreover, it is certainly competitive with a building construction in terms of budget.

The options for pitching a tent are virtually unlimited. Be inspired by some possible applications, but above all think of the ideal application for your project yourself!

Product range

4 amazing series with a recognizable style

The knowhow Black Sheep Productions accumulated over the years resulted in an extensive portfolio of 4 pre-designed tensile structures series: the Bentheimer, the Portland, the Dormer and the Dartmoor collection. The majority of the structures are modular and interconnectable. This ensures that the structures can be used for a variety of applications in the most diverse locations.

Aside, the series are inspired by the names of different sheep breeds. A wink to the company name…


To boldly go where no one has gone before

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Let's get in touch

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