Black Sheep Productions doesn't want to simply be a regular tent rental company (Rentals). It wants to set itself apart from the current market. For this reason, we developed a specific theme for each tent, complete with fitting furniture, decorations, lighting, etc. This is how customers find an all-in-one formula at Black Sheep Productions. We can coordinate and organise your event, both indoors and outdoors, all year round, no matter where or how.

Romanov Residence

Check our latest glamping lodge with 2nd floor: the Romanov Residence!

Gotland Shelter

Footprint: 31,50 x 28,50m
Surface innertent: 280,00m2
Height: 9,75m
Capacity: 175-150 persons

Bentheimer Shelter

Footprint: 21,50 x 18,15m
Surface innertent: 90,00m2
Height: 7,30m
Capacity: 35-75 persons

The Awaji

Client: Dream Lease BV & G3 Presents

Project: 2-persons sleeping accommodation for festivals

Realisation: June 2014
Number: 300 units


Client: Dream Lease BV & G3 Presents

Project: 2-person sleeping accommodation for festivals

Realisation:  June 2015
Number: 82 units   

The Bioko

Client: Dream Lease BV & G3 Presents
Project: 2-person sleeping accommodation
Realisation: June 2014
Number: 240 units


Autumn brings wildlife, while winter brings dreams, spring creates color and summer radiates warmth. This unique modular tent is a perfect choice during every season for a stylish party. This multifunctional tent can be expanded in all four directions, if desired.

Kruger Lodge

It was mainly the British who introduced the “tent and lodge” culture to Africa with their many expeditions, explorations and colonization, starting from the 1850's. At the time, the British army was equipped with the best material in every way. The knowhow they gathered in India and Africa translated into very well-made tents.

Gipsy Castigno

Commissioned by the renowned wine house Chateau Castigno, we developed a dream setting to party in. The Gipsy Castigno is a patchwork construction of various canvases that can be set up modularly in line with event requirements. Submerge yourself in the unique atmosphere of this theme.

Aspen Valley

Would you like to experience a cosy evening with friends, acquaintances or family? Or are you looking for the perfect winter setting for your wedding, End of Year reception or New Year’s party? Then the Aspen Valley might suit you. Enjoy a cozy, warm evening in our winter setting that reminds you of the holiday season all year round.