Over the years, Black Sheep Productions gained experience building and developing tent and canvas constructions. This quickly led to the next logical step: developing new projects on behalf of, and on commission for, third parties. Black Sheep Productions wants to provide the client with an all-in-one solution. That is to say, we follow and manage the complete trajectory from concept to lay-out, look & feel, prototype and production. Therefore, we watch over all stages of the process. Due to this process, we can deliver special and authentic concepts and projects time and again. Black Sheep Production also offers an aftersales service: including setting up, taking down, maintenance and storage.

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Dormer Cabin Ensuite

Client: Chateau Castigno – Assignan France
Project: Luxury sleeping accommodation
Concept & design: Black Sheep Productions
Realisation: June 2017
Number: 1 unit /  including furniture, lightning bathroom and decoration.


Client: G3 Presents
Project: 2-4 persons sleeping accommodation for festivals
Concept & design: Black Sheep Productions
Realisation: June 2017
Number: 60 units

Bowler Hat

Client: Arrano & WPG
Project: Magritte Experience
Concept & design: Black Sheep Productions
Realisation: June 2017
Number: 1 set

Gipsy Castigno

Client: Chateau Castigno – Assignan France

Project: Patchwork of sail structures for events

Concept & design: Black Sheep Productions

Realisation: June 2013
Number: 1 set tensile structures 1.250m2 /  including furniture, lightning and decoration.

Decorative membrane structure

Project: Shadow and rain covers

Realisation: July 2013
Number: 12 units / 250m2

Decorative stage roof

Project: Decorative stage roof

Realisation: July 2014
Number: 1 unit

Decorative tensile structure

Project: Shadow and rain cover

Realisation: July 2015
Number: 4 units / 300m2

Decorative tensile structure

Project:  Public Cover Stage

Realisation: Juli 2015
Number: 1 unit / 700m2   

Decorative tensile structures / wings

Project: Tensile constructions 

Realisation: July 2016

Number: 2 tensile constructions 2 x 200m2

Super glamping

Project: Turnkey project. High standard luxury glamping with lobby, bar, beauty, wellness and sleeping accommodations

Realisation: July 2016

Number: 60x Awaij, 20x Treehouses, 1x central bartent, 1x lobbytent, 2x wellness and beautytenten.