About Us

Since its establishment in 1999, Black Sheep Productions Ltd. has specialized in renting out and furnishing authentic ethnic tents. For the first few years, this only concerned the original Moroccan Caidal tents, but the product range has gradually been expanded with new themes and tents. Black Sheep Productions doesn't want to simply be a regular tent rental company (Rentals). It wants to set itself apart from the current market.

We also offer fully developed concepts for sale (Sales). This can be one unique model or larger numbers.

The knowhow we've accumulated over the years formed the basis for the next logical step: developing new projects commissioned by third parties (Design).

Above all, Black Sheep Productions wants to be original and innovative. After all, we have to honor our company name and try to be extraordinary.

About Us Wilfried

Wilfried Baeten (1960)

Wilfried is the creative mind behind Black Sheep Productions. He worked as a photographer and for various production companies before turning his attention full time to Black Sheep Productions. All tents and canvas constructions are made by Wilfried. Together with his customers, he thinks of, draws and produces any tent or canvas structure to be used for festivals, parties or as sleeping accommodation. Anything is possible, as long as its crazy.

About Us Susie

Susie Gielkens (1961)

Where Wilfried is the mind behind Black Sheep Productions, Susie is the beating heart of the organization. She is responsible for furnishing the tents, creating the decorations and making sure your event runs smoothly. Her years of experience as a production manager in the cultural industry surely come in handy.

About Us Julia

Julia Baeten (1991)

For all practical questions regarding invoicing, you can turn to Julia. She studied event management and, as Wilfried and Susie’s daughter, she knows the company inside and out.